UPDATE Coronavirus, Our responsibilities, and Our Response

13th March 2020

We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and that no-one should have to use a Foodbank to survive.  Until Foodbanks are no longer needed, we are committed to being here to help you.

We are taking seriously our responsibility to ensure that all visitors to the Foodbank as well as our volunteers, and staff are protected as much as possible from Coronavirus. This is so that we don’t have to even think about closing in the coming days and weeks because our volunteers and staff are sick.

Following Government & NHS advice, it is now necessary to change the way we operate for the next few weeks or months.

Unfortunately, we can no longer invite our visitors into our Foodbank Centres, but will instead do our best to serve you from the door with pre-packed parcels.   This is less than ideal, but the only way that we can continue to stay open.

In summary:

  • Most, if not all food parcels, will be pre-packed during this time. Changes will only be made for people with allergies or for dietary reasons
  • We will not be serving any snacks or drinks
  • We won’t be able to swap items
  • No-one will be allowed into the Foodbank Centre at any time, other than healthy volunteers
  • We may have very few volunteers available and may appear to be a bit rushed (so sorry!)
  • At some point, food supplies may become in short supply and your parcel may not contain some of the extras that it contained just a few weeks ago.  So many people have been extremely generous though, and we will do all we can to ensure that we always have enough food to meet demand
  • We will still distribute fresh fruit & vegetables when they are available
  • We may have to close a Foodbank Centre at short notice.

Above all, we want to continue to do the best we can to help you at this time, and ask that you be patient with us!

If you are a Voucher Partner/Referral Partner, please check your inbox for an update that was recently sent to you by email.

We are so grateful to the public who continue to donate food to ensure that we are able to continue to meet demand.  Please visit the donate page on this website for our ‘most wanted’ food list and for instructions on how to donate food or cash gifts.

This information will be updated based on further information as it becomes available.  Updates will also be available on our Twitter and Facebook page.

For advice on Coronavirus smptoms etc please visit the NHS website here:

For latest guidance from the Government, visit the Gov.UK website here:

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