You did it! We’re moving office in January 2019!

12th December 2018

Watch this space for the exact date of our move – but it will be during January.  We are so excited and encouraged by the way the local community: individuals, community groups, our volunteers and families, churches, schools, local and international businesses, a grant funder (which shall remain anonymous) AND a certain movie star, all contributed to our fundraising campaign on Spacehive.  It was very last minute, but every penny needed to transform a dusty old, windowless attic space into a modern office space which will allow us to continue to deliver, and develop, the foodbank itself and our associated projects – until the day that foodbanks are no longer needed . . .

THANK YOU AGAIN.  As always, we remain in debt to you for all that you do to help us help local people living in food poverty.

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