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Record Numbers during 2020/21 financial year

2nd June 2021

Not surprisingly, the 2020/21 financial year has been our busiest since we opened in 2010. Due to Covid, we conducted a major reorganisation of our service in March/April 2020 – moving from a collection service, based across 3 cafe-style settings in the Borough and open 6 days a week, to a delivery only service. Having fed a record breaking 12,000 men, women and children during the previous year, we could never have anticipated just how busy we would be as a result of the pandemic – or that we . However, the support of so many people, including volunteers, local people who donated food and money, so many funders, the local Council and corporates, we were able to deliver parcels to 18,200 households (not unique), feeding almost 45,000 people (in excess of 450,000 meals).

We are deeply grateful to Yoo Capital who invited us to work from the National Hall at Olympia for the first few months of the lockdown, and subsequently the owners of our current warehouse in Fulham.

One year on (and a few months) we are very much looking forward to meeting people again in our Foodbank Centres, which we aim to re-open by end September/early October 2021.


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